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The Bahamas Thatch Umbrella

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A sand coloured tropical style thatch option. Designed to blend into any outdoor space, whilst adding a balmy getaway feel. 

The Bahamas Thatch Umbrella features plastic extruded thatch, designed to be long lasting - with minimal maintenance compared to natural thatch.

Our Thatch Umbrellas come in ready-to-install kits, featuring a durable hardwood collapsible frame and thatch sheets, which are easily attached with our simple clip-in design. Your Thatch Umbrella is easily set up by placing the frame in the ground, opening it up and clipping the thatch sheets in place. Pop on the top piece and you have a perfect thatch hut - set up with minimal installation hassle compared to the traditional hut design. 

Designed for outdoor living - our materials are chosen for their outdoor durability. Our Thatch Umbrellas also feature a uniquely collapsible frame, making the product just as easy to take down and store during the winter months as it is to set up. 


- Karri Hardwood Frame

- UV-stabilised Polyethylene Extruded Thatch / Natural South African Thatch

- Molded Polyurethane hub & joiners

- Stainless steel components


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2.6m D x 2.4m H x 70mm pole diameter

3m D x 2.4m H x 90mm pole diameter


Our umbrellas are designed with simplicity and quality in mind. All of our materials have been chosen to be easily maintained and to be incredibly durable against all weather conditions.